Depascal Organics Purifying Clay Mask


  • Description

    This Rhassoul Purifying Organic Clay Mask or also known as Moroccan Lava Clay is perhaps the most rare and perfect clay in the world and has the most impressive properties for skin improvement. Rhassoul clay smoothes and purifies skin clarity leaving your skin texture super soft instantly.

    . Reduces dryness
    . Reduces flakiness
    . Improves skin clarity
    . Improves skin elasticity / firmness
    . Improves skin texture

    No Additives
    No Petroleums
    No Parabens
    No Fillers

    Directions for use: ┬áBest used at night after exfoliating. Apply to face and neck and leave on while moist for 5-10 minutes. Don’t let the mask dry. Rinse well with warm water. Best followed with Depascal Organic Night Balm.

    With Love,

    Christina Depascal

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