Figue D’Orleans Classic Toile Ceramic Two-Wick Candle


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    Throughout French history, the fig has been an integral part of gastronomy and community, where it is made into rich jams and desserts, gifted to friends and neighbors, exported all over the world, and fĂȘted in annual celebrations. Fig D’Orleans is our tribute to the luscious fruit, with its juicy succulence surrounded by ripe apple, tart grapefruit and lemon, kissed with velvety musk and wood, and finally draped in a garland of cyclamen, lily, and white florals. This addition to the Classic Toile collection is a gorgeous two-wick candle in a decorative ceramic container with lid and hand-painted gold accents. Our extra large 20-ounce candle has a 100+ hour burn time and is hand-poured.

    • Approximate burn time: 100+ Hours
    • Fig, apple, grapefruit, lemon, musk, wood, cyclamen, lily, and white florals
    • Signature packaging, needs no gift wrapping
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